giovedì 9 maggio 2013

#BirthdayGirl turns 22!

As you know, the 8th of May, is my day.

If you well remeber I'm one of that girl who loves her bday, but this year I felt so old and sad, so I've decieded: NO CELEBRATIONS, NO PARTIES, NO PRESENTS...NOTHING AT ALL! 

But, when I woke up, my boo came to my house with breakfast and flowers (so cute), lots of people and friends sent me flowers, then my little sisters organized a set for me and my dog, Diego, and they also made lots of sketches and drawings just for me.

My daddy came home with a gorgeous and delicious cake and my friends arranged me a party (with an unusal theme: Girls!!! On the line up :D).

You can see all the pics on @annapastore

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