lunedì 4 febbraio 2013

London Trip

I've never been in London before, so my boo and me decieded to spend a week there.

We rent an hotel near by Notthing Hill, so it was very easy for us to move, by walk too.

We walked and walked and walked...but we saw everything.

London didn't surpirse me a lot, but it was nice.

From Notthing Hill to Portobello Road;
From Camden Town to Abbey Road;
From Oxford Street and Bond Street to Hyde Park;
From Buckingham Palace to Harrods;
From The National Gallery to The British Museum;
From Trafalgar Square to Piccadilly Circus;
From The Big Ben to The London Eye;
From Westminster Abbey to Tower Bridge;
From St.Paul Cathedral to The Shakespeare's Globe;
From Chelsea Stadium to Emirates Stadium (-.-')...
and lots of other places.

 Camden Town

Emirates Stadium

 Chelasea Stadium. A new member into Chelsea team. Lol

Piccadilly Circus

 London Underground

 Abbey Road. Beatles for a couple of minutes.

"Healty" Lunch

£8.50 for Cigarettes. He was sad.

At British Museum we found something form Apulia.


Yeah! Behind me St.Paul

Tower Bridge
 Lovely London.

Jenuary 2013

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  1. great pics great britain...
    kiss and happy day

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  2. Anna che belle foto! Se devo essere sincera, però, ti dico che mi sono piaciute molto di più quelle di Parigi! Forse sono di parte, perchè ci ho studiato! :p

  3. L'ultima foto è davvero bellissima!
    ma anche quelle in cui ci siete voi sono carinissime! Vi invidio!