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Who is Carolina ?

Carolina Rodriguez è una stilista, viene da Puerto Rico, 

ma la sua passione per il fashion l'ha portata a studiare presso 
l' Istituto Marangoni di Milano. 

Riviste e Celebs chiedono le sue creazioni!!

Ma scopriamone di più, Carolina mi ha rilasciato un'intervista:
1. What are you doing in your life?
I breathe & eat fashion hahaha!! seriously i work on my own accessories line all the time, since we are a small company i take care of many things at the same time, designing, sourcing, production, public relations and marketing, with some help from my assistant  
2. When did you start to make your classy handmade jewels?
I started in Sept 2008, just after I quit my job in NYC and moved back home to my little island Puerto Rico, and that is when CAROLINA RODRIGUEZ accessories began. I started making some feather headbands and a couple of months later some zipper headbands that we're a total success for a full year, Henri Bendel in NYC sold them, and they were featured in many magazines, like Instyle, Latina, Ocean Drive and Vanidades… amongst many others.  
3. Where and what didi you study?
I went to the Art Insitute of Ft. Lauderdale, in Florida USA and studied fashion design; where i learned all the basics, business, construction and everything ready for the industry itself. After that I went to Istituto Marangoni, in Milano Italy to finish my career; where i definitely learned the aesthetics of fashion, of dreaming the most artistic pieces ever. So the two schools were definitely the perfect mix. Also working in NYC where I worked with some fashion houses and designers it definitely rounded my experience to make me think that I would be ready to launch my own line. And that is how I moved back to Puerto Rico (where I lived until i was 18 years old and now coming back with 27) and started my line. 

Starting your own line, is not as easy as we may think. It takes a lot of courage, discipline, hope, and many many hours of hard work without taking a break…. but it is possible. "If you can dream it you can achieve it", i am a strong believer of this. 
4. I know you you work with importat fashion magazines, it was easy for you to keep in touch with them or not?
Honestly, is not very easy to keep in touch with them. 
5. Are there lots of celebs who ask for your works?
I have had a couple of celebs wearing my accessories. Erin Lucas (MTV The City), J. Alexander, (America's Next Top Model), Adele and many local celebs like Cynthia Olvarria (actress), Zuleyka Rivera (Miss Universe), Mariana Vicente ( Miss Puerto Rico Universe), Kany Garcia (singer) 
6. Where si possible to buy your creations in all over the world? 
7. When and how did u discover your passion for fashion?
As a little girl, i loved to play dress up and I always had my arm fully covered in bracelets almost to the elbow !!! hahaha While in high school i took as many art classes as possible and I was part of the fashion design club and wrote for the schools newspaper about fashion, after doing all that I really couldn't find anything else that i would enjoy as more as fashion. 

Carolina was really nice with me.

Here, some of her creations:

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